What is TWINTO?

The word Twinto is derived from a combination of 2 words- Twin &To.

Twin – symbolises two similar things, To- indicates togetherness.

Twinto means 2 similar things coming together. In our case, Engineering & Innovation. In our field of expertise of cleaning solutions, it’s all about Engineering and Innovation coming together.

We are the pioneers in technology based cleaning solutions with a team of Engineers having Domestic and International Experience. In the last 5 years of our existence, our process-driven approach resulted in more than 100 satisfied customers.

Our Vision

Enhancing quality of life through technology inventions

Our Mission

Helping organisations provide clean & safe work environment through our innovative products & processes

Our Thought Process

All inventions are because of the ideas we get and the ideas are always connected to the necessities and basic needs. That is why the famous saying- “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Some of the basic needs and ideas which influenced Twinto are cleaner & safer manufacturing spaces, Accident-free kitchens, improved indoor air quality and Healthier workforce. Our strong belief system associated with core values guide us consistently in the right direction

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