Corona Disinfection Tunnels

Corona Disinfection Tunnels


The pandemic COVID-19 has taught us some very important lessons of work and life.

  • It has brought out the fighting spirit in us
  • It has brought out the awareness of healthy living
  • It has brought out the realisation that innovation is the key to survive

And as we are bouncing back to work and to prepare ourselves for the “New normal”, two strong emotions are on top of our mind, “Hope” and “Caution”.

Hope, to find out a permanent solution through a vaccine and a medicine, which we surely will!!!

Caution, to protect ourselves from any type of infection including Corona.

We all are aware that if there is someone who can win over any pandemic situation, it is our human resource. These amazing people have the power to make any great numbers happen. Hence it is imperative we protect and take care of our Human Capital.

The top 3 ways to ensure Workforce safety is through:
  • Disinfection of people walking in and out of workspaces
  • Disinfection of machines they touch and operate
  • Disinfection of their workspaces
You can achieve this through:
  • Installing and operation of Corona Disinfection Tunnels
  • Effective deep cleaning of all machines and equipment
  • Effective sanitization of all surfaces and air
This is exactly where TWINTO comes into picture. With factory and office spaces in mind, we offer:
  • Robotic Human Disinfection Tunnels
  • Deep cleaning services of all production machinery and office equipment
  • Sanitization and Disinfection services of work spaces
Disinfection Tunnel:

Size 4ft. x 6ft. x 8ft. (L x B x H) When a person passes through the tunnel, an EPA approved medical-grade disinfectant solution is sprayed. This kills the Corona Virus effectively, while protecting the humans from any side effects.

Deep cleaning services of all production machinery and office equipment:

High contact surfaces like handrails, elevator buttons, public counters, intercom systems, printers, access controls, coffee vending machines etc. should be given special attention.

Sanitization and Disinfection services of work spaces:

Office premises including security gates, visitor rooms, entrance lobbies, office rooms, conference rooms, elevators, cafeteria, wash rooms etc. will be cleaned periodically.

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