HVAC Duct cleaning

HVAC Duct cleaning

Your productivity is only as strong as your workers’ health. To that end, managing ambience hygiene assumes much importance. It contributes to a significant proportion of workplace hygiene. In this context, indoor air pollution is an alarming issue in the work environment. The quality of indoor air is controlled by proper maintenance of the HVAC system. With our state-of-the-art robotic cleaning technology, we take care of the entire HVAC system in the commercial & industrial buildings. The operation is akin to the latest endoscopic medical procedures. That is, a wireless camera is fitted to the cleaning machine which gains entry into the hard-to-reach locations by remote-control. The operator from the floor can pinpoint the untidy locations using the display monitor and operate the cleaning machinery right from where it’s located. Complete coverage is possible, thanks to superlative lateral mobility that our systems are engineered for. An additional feature of this cleaning activity is that the ducts are restored to their original finish, maximizing their lifetime.

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