Cobweb / Dust cleaning

Cobwebs and pest make the environs untidy and give health issues to the employees in the company. They may even make ingress into machinery and products manufactured and hinder their efficiency. Accumulated cobweb diminishes not just the lighting of the work area but also your organizational reputation among your visiting dignitaries. Cobwebs predominantly accumulate at heights. One of our top inventions is the cleaning machine for high-rise interiors of factories which are even 60 feet height. During this activity, the operator stands firmly on the ground whereas the machine reaches high-ceilings and does the cleaning. This ensures worker safety without the need for height equipment like boom lifts, scissor lifts, etc. Since we clean the ceilings with vacuum technology, no dust is scattered around, a key differentiator that not only sets us apart from our competitors but also something our competitors can only aspire for. This also eliminates the need for Production shutdown as the cleaning can be carried out alongside Production. We are the only company to vacuum the ceilings, ensuring 100% hygiene and cleaning efficiency. We cater to a wide variety of industries and business settings ranging from FMCG, Automotive, Textiles, Hospitality sectors, Corporate buildings, Tech parks, Commercial complexes, Hospitals, etc.

Kitchen Exhaust cleaning

According to NFPA, non-maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems is the main reason for extreme fire hazards in Restaurants & Canteens. The Kitchen exhaust system accumulates thick layers of oil, grease, etc. which becomes extremely fire hazardous when it reaches the ignition temperature. Proper cleaning and periodic maintenance is the only way to avert these fire accidents. With our state-of-the-art automatic cleaning machines, the oil and grease settlements are completely removed from ducts. Not only that, we also take care of Air Filters, smoke residue, bacterial and fungal infections. Kitchen exhaust ducts are restored to their original finish, helping you save electricity consumption and prevent fire accidents.

Stain Removal

Stain removal activity is carried out on metal sheet buildings, machines, components, etc. to protect against corrosion. This also eliminates the painting process, replacement cost and increases the lifetime of those materials. The process uses our home-grown technology involving high-pressure steam, scrubbing brushes and bio-degradable chemicals.

Machine cleaning

We use application-based technology to clean the machines such as stain removal, rust removal, degreasing, etc. This ensures your machine is maintained neat and clean. This activity is carried out using biodegradable chemicals and power driven scrubbing brushes.

Die / Mould cleaning

We undertake die/mould cleaning using various blasting technologies and power tools. We also make sure that the dies/moulds are 100% effective with high-level accuracy.

Rust cleaning

Rust cleaning activity is performed on machinery, manufactured products, buildings, etc. We clean the rust formed on any kind of surface by a need-based approach. We also provide solutions to maintain the cleaned products against corrosion in the future.


  • Prevents metal sheets from rusting
  • Increases the lifetime of metal channels & sheets
  • Eliminates painting cost
  • Saves the complete replacement cost
  • Provides good work atmosphere by reducing indoor pollution

HVAC Duct cleaning

Your productivity is only as strong as your workers’ health. To that end, managing ambience hygiene assumes much importance. It contributes to a significant proportion of workplace hygiene. In this context, indoor air pollution is an alarming issue in the work environment. The quality of indoor air is controlled by proper maintenance of the HVAC system. With our state-of-the-art robotic cleaning technology, we take care of the entire HVAC system in the commercial & industrial buildings. The operation is akin to the latest endoscopic medical procedures. That is, a wireless camera is fitted to the cleaning machine which gains entry into the hard-to-reach locations by remote-control. The operator from the floor can pinpoint the untidy locations using the display monitor and operate the cleaning machinery right from where it’s located. Complete coverage is possible, thanks to superlative lateral mobility that our systems are engineered for. An additional feature of this cleaning activity is that the ducts are restored to their original finish, maximizing their lifetime.

Metal Polishing / Deburring

Deburring and Polishing operations helps to achieve perfect finish and accuracy of metal components. It is done using brushes, buffing wheels, blasting methods etc.

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